Cafe hideout

Cafe hideout is one of the best cafes which is a decent setup situated at the Patliputra colony. Cafe’s have come in Patna in the trend swing. Anyway, relatively few offer the perfect balance of quality and worth. This cafe is one of the best cafes in Patna.

Cafe hideout is a pleasant place with a lively vibe and the best part of this cafe is they have an outdoor as well as an indoor seating area. They offer very little menu yet the taste is very good. Food served worth the cost although they take more time to serve the order placed.

we requested:

Drinks: Cappuccino and cold coffee

I simply loved the cappuccino but cold coffee was not up to the mark (too much-whipped cream).


Cheese chilly garlic bread

The garlic bread was worth one from the menu… Perfect cheese and garlic marination and there was perfect crisp also….

Grilled Paneer Chilly Sandwich:

This sandwich is stuffed with spicy chilly paneer which is cooked in with mayo, cheese, onion, capsicum and also sprinkled some sandwich masala which makes it yummy. Sandwiches are perfectly grilled and served with ketchup and in addon potato chips.

Sizzler: Non-veg continental sizzler

Continental sizzler was also admirable as but they need to work on the presentation and garnishing part…the taste was Chinese more than the mainland and as it was a sizzler so they included a type of barbecued chicken which was to much dry in taste and dull as well.

Chicken fried rice and dry chicken chilly was a good combo.. and giving this Sizzler a to rank good on the menu.

overall, the worth place to grab a bite…..

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