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Recently visited Bollywood cafe, Patna which is located centrally at Gandhi Maidan. The cafe is designed beautifully in a Bollywood theme. They also have an indoor as well as an outdoor seating area which is quite impressive about this cafe.

This outlet is having ambiance matching with their name i.e. Bollywood cafe. Here I found true flavors of Bollywood.

Now comes to the menu part …..mixed cuisine menu and mixed with authentic street food also. As in hospitality menu comes as the face of any restaurants. They cover very few menus which was not satisfying for me at all. Although services were good but pricing is too high according to the quantity served.

We ordered: (1)Chicken Nanza (2)Mexican chaat

1)Chicken nanza : While it’s a fusion of naan and pizza. Nanza has naan as a base and pizza style toppings. Topped by uniting onion rings mozzarella cheese, with roasted chicken. Taste is good and presentation is also impressive.

2)Mexican chaat: This chaat is a fusion of Mexican with Indian taste. It’s a fusion dish that combines Mexican nachos with Indian chaat. The chaat is made with such an extensive amount of ingredients preferred boiled corn, finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, and nachos are additionally accessible in this combination.

Visit this cafe to have something more.

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