Swaaddesh Patna



Swaaddesh,  the first Bihar theme based restaurant which is located in Boring road patna (opp. Tapasya complex). Here you found true flavour of Bihar.

About Ambiance:

This restaurant is designed beautifully with the essence of Bihar. Believe me their decoration is such great that once you will definitely remember your village.Everything has been done keeping Bihar in mind whether it is ethnic wall decoration or tissue holder in which all the places of Bihar is mentioned.
 What’s more a glimpse of Madhubani painting is also present on their tables and many more things which you used to see at your village is  is also present there.

About Menu:

They offer varieties of a menu which includes veg and nonveg both and it’s so obvious that this one is Bihar based Soo litti chokha is a mandate.

We requested varieties of items :

First started with litti chokha which is true love for me as a Bihari.
Litti Chokha with mutton and Chicken– A true Bihari taste LITTI CHOKHA …a traditional dish of Bihar which is not only a dish, it’s an emotion for us😍
Basically, this one is available in every street of Patna but you can’t find this in any restaurant. But in Swaaddesh you can have this and it was really very tasty, even chicken and mutton was also customized accordingly.

1. Drinks :

Kitkat shake & Oreo shake both had very good taste and were very thick with balanced flavor.   Chocolate coffee is also thick and luscious with maintained flavor of chocolate and also drizzle some chocolate syrup on the side of glass which gives it a more tempting look

Strawberry Mango twist is something that must be tried because it is not available in every restaurant or cafe. Almost every person has tasted mango smoothie but there is a little twist by adding Strawberry smoothie which is really amazing.

2. Starters

Chicken Chinese sizzler – This sizzler is really admirable for me with nice Presentation…it was a Chinese sizzler so they include chicken chowmein, egg fried rice, chicken sanghai, Fish chili, chicken Manchurian, chicken spring roll was a good combination.. and giving this Sizzler a good rank on the menu.

Tandoori Murg Chaat – This one is totally worth to give a try because you can’t find this item in every food place… Although you have tried tandoori chicken but this one is very different from that…small chicken pieces are tossed with some spices and veggies …So it is full of spicy and tangy that I’m gonna eat again and again

Non-veg platter – all in one: different varieties of nonveg with different flavor which consist of gilafi Chicken kebab, mutton seekh kabab, Malai tikka, chicken tikka, fish ajjwain tikka.. seriously this one is heaven for a nonveg lover.

3. Main Course

Kashmiri naan with veg kaleji curry : 

Kashmiri naan is sweet in taste and garnish with fruit cocktail, never imagine that naan topped with cherries, cashew, nuts could do wonders.

Veg kaleji curry – If you don’t like eating veg that much, but I assure you after eating it you will not feel that you have eaten veg items that are made up of soya chunks full of spices and flavor will surely satisfy your taste buds..

4. Desserts:

Jalebi with rabri- Jalebi taste delicious and it was Soo crispy with balnced sweet syrup served with chilled rabri  It is on of the best combo of desserts.

Some of the dishes were so amazing and delicious that i want to eat again and again like kitkat shake, tandoori chaat, veg kaleji, litti chokha, chicken chinese sizzler.

One of the best parts of this restaurant is that they are providing a separate room which you can book for 2000 INR, Karaoke is also available their so people can enjoy their personal time with whom they want to spent like family, friends or loved ones.

Overall a must visit place for people of Patna. Here you can hang out with your loved ones, with your family or with your best buddies.


Anti Alcohol Patna



So we all are aware of that Bihar is a Dry State which is such a great step taken by our Government.  Now i’m here to inform you about the replacement of Alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages which is healthy and tasty too. Actually this idea of Anti Alcohol a juice shop or center in Patna is set up by Abhishek Parmar who want to introduce the healthy drinking habit for Patna.

Anti- alcohol is a fresh new theme of a juice corner or shop in Patna situated in East Boring Canal Road opp. TBZ  serving varieties of juices, shakes, smoothies, ice-cream and some more things at a very Economical Rate.


About Menu :

Recently opened fresh new theme of juice center but the number of items in menu was more than enough.It was really a ton of items to choose ….

A pocket friendly and hygienic juice center in Patna

Few of the Items That we have tried :

Mix Fruits item

1.Fruit Mocktail -The best of my shot was fruit cocktails. amazing more than i thought. A hub of fruit slices such as kiwi, pomegranate, apple, Guava and some more fruits …. Even they use ice-cream and milk cream for add-on.

2. Fruit Chaat – Basically it is consisting of all kinds fruit in a one bowl. Fruits icludes pomegranate, Guava, apple, Banana, etc. and also sprinkled some chaat masala, black pepper powder, salt and cream too.


Smoothies :

3. Breakfast Smoothies – It was a great touch item by the outlet for a fitness freak people. Entirely a munch of oats,milk, honey, banana, apple and dry-fruits… r u serious? They added up the entire breakfast in a mug.

4. Metabolism Booster – A really health freaky drink of the day. The fully diet conscious mix  green apple, cucumber, beat root, lemon, and ginger and spinach.

Shakes & Beverages :

5. Oreo Banana Shake :  This one is healthier and tastier too. Such a great mixture of health and taste with these two ingredients i.e oreo biscuit and banana. 

6. Hot chocolate : Perfect for winters and for chocolate lovers too. This one is also good, rich in taste and full of cream, perfectly balanced flavor topped with white chocolate and dark chocolate .

7. Juice - Orange Juice

Basically orange juice is available in every corner of Patna, but the difference if that street vendors does not make it in a clean way . Now you don’t need to worry about hygiene and you can have this juice in Anti alcohol. We all know that orange juice is high in vital nutrients and it contributes to a healthy diet.

orange juice image

Anti Alcohol is a must visit place for people of Patna whether you are kid, young or aged one doesn’t matter. It’s a very good initiative taken by Abhishek Parmar for Patna and there are very few places in our city to think about your health rather than the taste. One of the finest juice center in Patna and best fit for hygiene freak people with a healthy menu.