Cafe 13

Cafe 13 is one of the best cafes in Patna, located in an extremely prime area on the Boring road which is one of the crowded places of Patna and easily accessible too. They have a great spot for taking pictures and making memories with your loved ones.

About the ambiance: 

The best part of cafe 13, Patna is its ambiance. They have a great ambiance with the live vibe and awesome music. The theme of this cafe is unique and the main attraction is that, their seating arrangements. Instead of chairs, they used swing(wooden jhullas), walls were decorated with books. Overall totally worthful if you are a selfie freaked person.

cafe 13 ambiance

About service:

Service is good enough but they can focus on staff training and food knowledge.

About the menu:

Cafe 13 Patna, didn’t offer a wide range of varieties which are not satisfying for me at all. The menu includes varieties of coffee, waffles, smoothie, egg preparation, and many more snacks. Price is affordable according to taste-wise and quantity-wise too.

Now coming to the main part i.e.the food
We ordered:
1) Chocolate shake– Taste was quite good but the presentation is not up to the mark. They can drizzle some more chocolate syrup on side of the glass which gives the shake more tempting look.

cafe 13 chocolate shakes

2) American veggie pizza: Pizza looks mouthwatering but the taste is not up to the mark. Pizza topped with full of melted cheese drizzle with some chili flakes and oregano. For pizza stuffing, they used onion, capsicum, diced tomatoes, and some veggies.

3) Spaghetti arrabbiata pasta: Simply I love the taste of pasta.This spaghetti swirl in cooked tomato and addition of garlic, chilies, capsicum. For garnishing, they used grated cheese and chili flakes.

4) Garlic bread: Garlic bread is the love for me. Taste is good, bread is soft and crispy topped with garlic, clarified butter, chili flakes and served with tomato ketchup.

This Cafe is for a smoothie and snack lovers. Here you can hang out and chill with your buddies, with your loved ones. Highly recommended!