Food Blogging:

Sustenance blogging speaks to a complex intertwining of “foodie” or gourmet enthusiasm for cooking with those of blog composing and photography. The dominant part of online journals use pictures taken by the creator himself/herself and some of them center explicitly around nourishment photography. These sites can be monetized by the blog designers for profit.

Cafe 13 situated at an extremely prime area on the Boring road which is one of the crowded place of Patna and easily accessible too. They have a great spot for taking pictures and making memories
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Bollywood cafe
Recently visited bollywood cafe which is located centrally at Gandhi maidan. This outlet is beautifully designed in bollywood theme.They also have a indoor as well as outdoor seating area
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There are distinctive sorts of

As long for whats its worth about sustenance it is considered as sustenance blog. Regularly a nourishment blog has covering component of all or a portion of these components. A blog is an individual diary and there is no genuine standard of composing  a sustenance blog

Things that you have to begin with Food Blogging:

  1. Select your stage where you need to compose your blog.It very well may be WordPress, blogger,Tumbler, medium. you can either for their free form or pay and pick your very own area name.
  2. Select the name of your blog and give it a personally.
  3. Select the subject,look and feel.
  4. Start making content.
  5. Make your blog web crawler upgrade.
  6. Promote your blog on social media.