Anti Alcohol Patna



So we all are aware of that Bihar is a Dry State which is such a great step taken by our Government.  Now i’m here to inform you about the replacement of Alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages which is healthy and tasty too. Actually this idea of Anti Alcohol a juice shop or center in Patna is set up by Abhishek Parmar who want to introduce the healthy drinking habit for Patna.

Anti- alcohol is a fresh new theme of a juice corner or shop in Patna situated in East Boring Canal Road opp. TBZ  serving varieties of juices, shakes, smoothies, ice-cream and some more things at a very Economical Rate.


About Menu :

Recently opened fresh new theme of juice center but the number of items in menu was more than enough.It was really a ton of items to choose ….

A pocket friendly and hygienic juice center in Patna

Few of the Items That we have tried :

Mix Fruits item

1.Fruit Mocktail -The best of my shot was fruit cocktails. amazing more than i thought. A hub of fruit slices such as kiwi, pomegranate, apple, Guava and some more fruits …. Even they use ice-cream and milk cream for add-on.

2. Fruit Chaat – Basically it is consisting of all kinds fruit in a one bowl. Fruits icludes pomegranate, Guava, apple, Banana, etc. and also sprinkled some chaat masala, black pepper powder, salt and cream too.


Smoothies :

3. Breakfast Smoothies – It was a great touch item by the outlet for a fitness freak people. Entirely a munch of oats,milk, honey, banana, apple and dry-fruits… r u serious? They added up the entire breakfast in a mug.

4. Metabolism Booster – A really health freaky drink of the day. The fully diet conscious mix  green apple, cucumber, beat root, lemon, and ginger and spinach.

Shakes & Beverages :

5. Oreo Banana Shake :  This one is healthier and tastier too. Such a great mixture of health and taste with these two ingredients i.e oreo biscuit and banana. 

6. Hot chocolate : Perfect for winters and for chocolate lovers too. This one is also good, rich in taste and full of cream, perfectly balanced flavor topped with white chocolate and dark chocolate .

7. Juice - Orange Juice

Basically orange juice is available in every corner of Patna, but the difference if that street vendors does not make it in a clean way . Now you don’t need to worry about hygiene and you can have this juice in Anti alcohol. We all know that orange juice is high in vital nutrients and it contributes to a healthy diet.

orange juice image

Anti Alcohol is a must visit place for people of Patna whether you are kid, young or aged one doesn’t matter. It’s a very good initiative taken by Abhishek Parmar for Patna and there are very few places in our city to think about your health rather than the taste. One of the finest juice center in Patna and best fit for hygiene freak people with a healthy menu.

Cafe 13

Cafe 13 is one of the best cafes in Patna, located in an extremely prime area on the Boring road which is one of the crowded places of Patna and easily accessible too. They have a great spot for taking pictures and making memories with your loved ones.

About the ambiance: 

The best part of cafe 13, Patna is its ambiance. They have a great ambiance with the live vibe and awesome music. The theme of this cafe is unique and the main attraction is that, their seating arrangements. Instead of chairs, they used swing(wooden jhullas), walls were decorated with books. Overall totally worthful if you are a selfie freaked person.

cafe 13 ambiance

About service:

Service is good enough but they can focus on staff training and food knowledge.

About the menu:

Cafe 13 Patna, didn’t offer a wide range of varieties which are not satisfying for me at all. The menu includes varieties of coffee, waffles, smoothie, egg preparation, and many more snacks. Price is affordable according to taste-wise and quantity-wise too.

Now coming to the main part i.e.the food
We ordered:
1) Chocolate shake– Taste was quite good but the presentation is not up to the mark. They can drizzle some more chocolate syrup on side of the glass which gives the shake more tempting look.

cafe 13 chocolate shakes

2) American veggie pizza: Pizza looks mouthwatering but the taste is not up to the mark. Pizza topped with full of melted cheese drizzle with some chili flakes and oregano. For pizza stuffing, they used onion, capsicum, diced tomatoes, and some veggies.

3) Spaghetti arrabbiata pasta: Simply I love the taste of pasta.This spaghetti swirl in cooked tomato and addition of garlic, chilies, capsicum. For garnishing, they used grated cheese and chili flakes.

4) Garlic bread: Garlic bread is the love for me. Taste is good, bread is soft and crispy topped with garlic, clarified butter, chili flakes and served with tomato ketchup.

This Cafe is for a smoothie and snack lovers. Here you can hang out and chill with your buddies, with your loved ones. Highly recommended!

Bollywood cafe

Recently visited Bollywood cafe, Patna which is located centrally at Gandhi Maidan. The cafe is designed beautifully in a Bollywood theme. They also have an indoor as well as an outdoor seating area which is quite impressive about this cafe.

This outlet is having ambiance matching with their name i.e. Bollywood cafe. Here I found true flavors of Bollywood.

Now comes to the menu part …..mixed cuisine menu and mixed with authentic street food also. As in hospitality menu comes as the face of any restaurants. They cover very few menus which was not satisfying for me at all. Although services were good but pricing is too high according to the quantity served.

We ordered: (1)Chicken Nanza (2)Mexican chaat

1)Chicken nanza : While it’s a fusion of naan and pizza. Nanza has naan as a base and pizza style toppings. Topped by uniting onion rings mozzarella cheese, with roasted chicken. Taste is good and presentation is also impressive.

2)Mexican chaat: This chaat is a fusion of Mexican with Indian taste. It’s a fusion dish that combines Mexican nachos with Indian chaat. The chaat is made with such an extensive amount of ingredients preferred boiled corn, finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, and nachos are additionally accessible in this combination.

Visit this cafe to have something more.

Cafe hideout

Cafe hideout is one of the best cafes which is a decent setup situated at the Patliputra colony. Cafe’s have come in Patna in the trend swing. Anyway, relatively few offer the perfect balance of quality and worth. This cafe is one of the best cafes in Patna.

Cafe hideout is a pleasant place with a lively vibe and the best part of this cafe is they have an outdoor as well as an indoor seating area. They offer very little menu yet the taste is very good. Food served worth the cost although they take more time to serve the order placed.

we requested:

Drinks: Cappuccino and cold coffee

I simply loved the cappuccino but cold coffee was not up to the mark (too much-whipped cream).


Cheese chilly garlic bread

The garlic bread was worth one from the menu… Perfect cheese and garlic marination and there was perfect crisp also….

Grilled Paneer Chilly Sandwich:

This sandwich is stuffed with spicy chilly paneer which is cooked in with mayo, cheese, onion, capsicum and also sprinkled some sandwich masala which makes it yummy. Sandwiches are perfectly grilled and served with ketchup and in addon potato chips.

Sizzler: Non-veg continental sizzler

Continental sizzler was also admirable as but they need to work on the presentation and garnishing part…the taste was Chinese more than the mainland and as it was a sizzler so they included a type of barbecued chicken which was to much dry in taste and dull as well.

Chicken fried rice and dry chicken chilly was a good combo.. and giving this Sizzler a to rank good on the menu.

overall, the worth place to grab a bite…..

Hot Grill

I should must say the place Hot Grill located at Boring road,Patna is having a great vibe and an open to seating plan.The only drawback of this Hot grill is their seating arrangement which is bit cozy but it’s ambience and cost is soo much friendly that you and your gang can hangup for small party or treat.

We requested Aarabiata pasta in red sauce with saute chicken…

Cook nearly took 15-20 min for the request… At long last our request was set and we found a bit week side in Garnishing..In any case, it was solid enough as the flavors and smell (consumed smell of sauce) was reddening up..

We began as we were in rush.It taste very great as the pasta was well boiled and tossed properly.The marination was very much kept up not too zesty not too dull.Tomato puree and pepper pieces are very much blended with sauce as we can taste it in every single bite..So we had an incredible brisk nibble….

What’s more, clearly visit this place to have something more. Be hungry be foodie….

Cafe unplugged

A speedy nibble for a fast lunch session at Cafe unplugged which is located at Boring road,Patna.
The whole menu differs from the outlet name i.e. cafe unplugged .But i can say that this outlet is perfect for small get together and this cafe is pocket friendly also….

Pleasant stylistic theme and atmosphere was adequate and seating game plan was sufficient and music was additionally great.

They are having blend menu some Indian,Chinese and mainland with advertisement on resembles sandwich, rolls and so on..

we requested veg pasta in red sauce which was okeyish in taste yet pasta was over-boiled. The introduction was great and decorated by some broiled broccoli and coriander leaves.

We likewise requested veg grilled sandwich which was full well with onion,tomato, mayonnaise and cucumber.

I must say Cafe unplugged is one of that place where Patnites can hookup with their buddies….

Bell Pepper Restaurant

Bell pepper restaurant One of the great Indian&Chinese cooking restaurant around the local area situated in Fraser Road.

Ambience:4 star

Nourishment :4 Star

Administration: 4.5 star

Generally speaking: 4 star

Bell pepper restaurant is situated on a fundamental level of Patna Fraser street close Dak Bunglow chowk.. Also, simple to discover.

About ambience:

Bell pepper restaurant has kept up themselves in this elegant place exceptionally well. Ambience was adequate and surrounded with diminish light give a vibe of a Fine&Dine eatery. As this restaurant is a casual eating and drawback was their seating course of action which was bit cozy..Because at whatever point we move for feasting outside we require some space to not be bothered but here that was a major issue.

About food:

As we went here on a weekday so its was not an excess of surge here. Me and my companion taken a corner table… And now begin from Service part. As we settled down we were presented with Normal water and Menu… We set aside our time for the menu. We requested Virgin Mojito as I am a major sweetheart for that. Must state you they did it extremely well.Maintained blend for sugar syrup… Mint and lemon…perfect…

We put in our request:

1)Appetizer-Nawabi Murgh Tandoori:

This dish was all around cooked and loaded down with the marination exceptionally well. Exceptionally the green chutney was signifying the kind of dish… And extraordinarily the baked was crisp as they took 15 min to set it up. Pieces were sufficiently delicate and tasteful

Main Course



  • Murgh Musallam:: I am a devoted enthusiast of chicken and exceptionally Murgh Musallam. Every single eatery have their own recipe to make this dish so taste fluctuates a great deal. I adore the readiness they have did it particularly and as it contain hard gravy.The sauce was up to mark. They have included Chicken Kidney keema and dish is stuffed with boiled eggs. 
  • Paneer Lababdar: Bit tanish and orangish in shading with somewhat better in taste. The gravy is creamy and mildly tangy which gives the dish a flavour. Nothing a lot to be perceived or compose.
  • We have arrange grouped naan and jeera rice.Which was an ideal match with these curries.

Generally speaking a decent affair over here..will visit once more